About Us

 Base3Our Church

The United Church of Christ has been the church of firsts, weaving God’s message of hope and extravagant welcome with action for justice and peace. And so we were the first historically white denomination to ordain an African-American, the first to ordain a woman, the first to ordain an openly gay man, and the first Christian church to affirm the right of same-gender couples to marry. We were in the forefront of the anti-slavery movement and the Civil Rights movement. Our response to the demands of our faith is woven into the history of our country. …. more

Our Pastor

The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it” (Henri Nouwen). Rev. Jason Sisk-Provencio completed his Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena and is an Ordained Minister of the United Church of Christ. He was called to the UCCSLO pulpit in December 2014. Jason received his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and completed his Clinical Pastoral Education at the UCLA Medical Center. Jason and Stephen, his partner of eight years, live in Shell Beach. Professional interests include pastoral care, grief, and spiritual disciplines. Personal interests include film, philosophy, traveling, and cats. …. ()

 Base1Our Belief

“Open and Affirming” means that we believe all persons are entitled to be treated with decency and respect—truly equals because we are all made by God and loved by God. We want to state clearly that no one needs to be afraid of judgment or exclusion from our church because of who they are. All persons who live respectfully and responsibly, and who want to join us in following Christ, are welcome.  …… More


 Base2Our Reach

The heart of our church lies in helping those who are marginalized. We are committed to providing hope and love to those less fortunate.   Programs such as People’s Kitchen, Homeless Shelter Overflow and Little Dresses for Africa address real needs in our local and global community.

We extend our connection into the community by hosting many nonprofits and service organizations. Our church is the home to Senior Nutrition, Al-Anon, AA, SLO NightWriters, Depression Support,  Even Tuesday Poets, SLO Quilters and People of Faith for Justice, just to name a few. …. more


base7 Our Music

Music in worship is an integral part of our church.   We have a long and grand history of high-quality music-making. Learning and singing hymns is an important part of the shared worship experience for the entire congregation. Each Sunday the musical portions of the worship service enhance the scripture focus for the day.  Our music director Jeff Bruenning presents music that enhances the theme of the service. …. more


base14 Our Faith

Our Faith is 2,000 years old. Our thinking is not. We believe in God’s continuing testament. This is why we are committed to hearing God’s ancient story anew and afresh in our lives and in the world today. We try to remain attentive to God’s creative movement in the world. Religion and science are not mutually exclusive, and your head and heart are both welcomed into our places of worship. We prepare our members and leaders to be engaged in ministry in the present and future church, and we embrace all kinds of communities and new modes of thinking. Why? Because God is still speaking,  ….. More